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We release your company's ambition

Your business keeps you busy all day, every day. With all the opportunities and challenges this entails. Do you have sufficient staff and resources to provide an optimal service to your customers? Do your logistical processes give you the space that you need? Is there potential for growth or what is holding you back? 

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With all the knowledge and components you need in house, Lalesse Logistic Solutions is your one-stop-shop warehouse supplier.

Solutions for your situation

The need for the modernisation or optimisation of your warehouse can arise from one day to the next. Is your current capacity a constraint because your business is growing? Does your market demand that you work ever more efficiently with space and time? Or is your problem the limited availability of experts for your logistical processes?

From fork-lift trucks through warehouse cranes to AutoStore, from pallets through packages to trays. We think in terms of solutions, not products. That is what we mean by ‘smart’. Our team has decades of practical experience in the optimisation of warehouses in the food (including chilled or deep frozen), retail, wholesale and industrial sectors. Our in-house production facilities, technicians and special tools for the analysis, simulation and modelling of logistical processes allow us to come up with solutions that are always tailored to your specific situation.

Our history

Started in 1970 as Lalesse Steel construction, Lalesse has evolved into today’s supplier for complete warehouse systems. In 2002 we gained our independence and over the years we’ve provided our customers with a large number of warehouse systems. In 2010 we became distributor of AutoStore and grew further, together with this revolutionary system.

As of 2017 we are part of Royal Reesink and we experienced an impressive growth. It gave Lalesse the opportunity to broaden its horizons and take on new challenges. We planned and delivered extensive warehouse automation projects, developing into the strong logistic partner that we are today.

Specialist of Lalesse

"Combining one or more of our products, like stacker cranes, miniloads, shuttles, AutoStore, racking or conveyors, into a customized solution is what we have specialized in. Our teams are made of top specialists, who master their profession and show great commitment towards our clients."

Machiel van den Hazelkamp, managing director at Lalesse Logistic Solutions

Your one-stop-shop in warehousing

Together we are one

Lalesse Logistic Solutions has specialists and experts who feel highly committed to your business operations. Together with the German AM Logistic Solutions we form the Reesink Logistic Solutions division, as a part of Royal Reesink. Together with our partners we have a solid base and a wealth of experience in industry, automation and logistics.


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Lalesse Logistic Solutions engineer welding a warehouse crane.