AutoStore launches new R5 Pro robot

AutoStore unveils R5 Pro robots, boosting productivity, space efficiency, and cost savings for e-commerce and logistics.

AutoStore has added two new robots to its R5 series, the R5 Pro and R5+ Pro Robots. These advanced robots promise to increase productivity, use space more efficiently and reduce costs, setting a new standard for large-scale operations. Find out how this innovative technology is helping e-commerce and logistics companies stay competitive in the rapidly evolving world of warehousing.

The R5 Pro increases productivity per robot, optimises space utilisation and reduces cost of ownership, improving customer value and increasing profitability.

Increasing productivity per robot

As experts in intralogistics and automation, our mission is to revolutionise large-scale e-commerce operations by improving space utilisation, performance and cost savings. AutoStore's new R5 Pro robots give you the edge by increasing productivity per robot in long-term operations, optimising space utilisation and reducing total cost of ownership, ultimately improving customer experience and increasing profitability.

The R5 Pro Robot is the latest version of the proven R5 Robot.

Revolutionary productivity

With the R5 Pro Robot, Lalesse Logistics Solutions brings unparalleled productivity to your warehouse. By deploying this new robotic solution in your AutoStore facilities, you can reduce the number of robots required by up to 15% compared to its predecessor, paving the way for superior routing and operational efficiency, even during long shifts.

Uninterrupted excellence

Equipped with the advanced Lithium-Titanium-Oxide (LTO) battery, the R5 Pro Robot can be recharged quickly, increasing robot availability for seamless multi-shift operations.

Efficiency and savings

The benefits of the LTO battery are maximised with an impressive 86% reduction in the number of chargers required. This optimisation results in more efficient use of warehouse space, allowing for more SKU storage or a reduced operational footprint. In addition, these changes result in significant cost savings by simplifying the electrical infrastructure.

Accelerate your E-commerce Efficiency

Lalesse Logistic Solutions invites you to enhance e-commerce efficiency with the R5 Pro Robot. Improve customer experience, boost profitability, and maximize SKU stocking. Embrace the future of warehouse automation!

As your AutoStore solutions partner, we understand the unique requirements of high-throughput e-commerce systems. The R5 Pro Robot, with its unmatched capabilities, promises to improve the customer experience and increase profitability. Reduced loading time in multi-shift operations translates into remarkable productivity. With fewer robots and loaders required, we can maximise SKU stocking levels. It's all about total cost of ownership and maintaining a competitive edge.

Lalesse Logistic Solutions invites you to embrace efficiency, cost savings and competitive advantage in the e-commerce arena. Join us and take the lead in the future of warehouse automation.