LogiMAT 2019

Lalesse Logistic Solutions: so much more than a system integrator

Date press release: 19 november 2018

From racks to warehouse cranes and pallet shuttles, from conveyors to AutoStore and from mini-loads to mini-shuttles – Lalesse Logistic Solutions can show you the total solution that will make your warehouse future-proof.

Find the anwser to your logistic challenges during the LogiMAT (19-21 februari 2019). We welcome you in Hall 2, Stand A31.

The AutoStore system in action.

Visit Lalesse Logistic Solutions at LogiMAT in Hall 2, Stand A31. 

The warehouse specialist Reesink Logistic Solutions will be present at the LogiMAT logistics trade show (19-21 February 2019), showing the automated warehousing solutions that can help speed up your logistical processes. Their wide range of products, which they design and produce themselves, makes them a one-stop-shop for any warehouse owner. Reesink Logistic Solutions will be exhibiting in Hall 2 at booth A31.

Warehouse challenges

The distribution and logistics sectors are facing major challenges. The enormous increases in demand engendered by e-commerce are forcing companies to make radical changes to their logistical processes. A warehouse that functions efficiently is essential for operational processes, so there’s no way to avoid automation. We take you one step closer to an automated total solution. Using our advanced storage and transport systems and the in-house developed software we create a total solution that meets your business needs, both now and in the future.

Unique engineering

In a world full of innovative possibilities, it is important that the setup of a warehouse fits in seamlessly with the operational and production processes. Every warehouse is unique and there are no identical solutions. We have all the specialist fields needed in-house, letting it provide automated warehouse solutions for clients in a broad spectrum of sectors – solutions that are perfectly tuned to the client’s wishes and requirements.

The proven quality of AutoStore

One of the innovative storage systems that has earned its spurs in automation is AutoStore. The familiar red robots from Norway on the aluminium grids can be found in increasing numbers of warehouses. AutoStore will be expanding with new technologies that can offer yet higher productivity and speed. We will use your master data to recommend a system that suits you best.

Introducing new shuttle systems

During LogiMAT 2019, Reesink Logistic Solutions will be introducing the latest addition to the product range. Advanced shuttle systems will allow even more complete total solutions to be offered. The shuttle technology can be deployed at a compact, autonomous system or integrated into a total solution.

Reesink conveyor systems: intelligent and SMART

In addition to speed, transporting goods safely is an important factor. We have developed our own conveyors and accessories to create the right solution for you. This line has also been designed and manufactured in-house: we are investing in quality and in unique innovative solutions for the customers. The austere and modern grey powder-coated finish is a statement from Reesink Logistic Solutions to the market: it can handle all details of a warehouse, from A to Z.