New user interface

Lalesse Logistic Solutions has developed a user-friendly WCS user interface

In an automated warehouse it is very important that all components communicate with each other in the right way to optimize the material flow, by minimizing human error in the process and having a good inventory overview. This is exactly why Lalesse Logistic Solutions has further developed their Warehouse Control System 'LogiCS', an advanced software package, able to connect and support a flawless communication within the warehouse.

The new user interface of LogiCS.

In the past year a brand-new and intuitive user interface for LogiCS has been developed, revolutionizing the market with a fresh and “less is more” approach. In combination with an automated warehouse system (ASRS), such as AutoStore, this offers an optimal solution for the increasing next-day-delivery demands in retail, especially in e-commerce.

Years of experience combined in one tool

To further develop the user interface, Lalesse combined more than 25 years of warehouse software experience, several professional UX studies and the input of multiple clients. Dominic Rutjes, software engineer at Lalesse Logistic Solutions: “At Lalesse, we take software development seriously, so for this new product we partnered with Luminis, a Dutch leading software and technology company that distinguishes itself as a forefront in technology and innovation. We wanted to make sure that every detail is being taken into consideration, while shifting the perspective to developing this user interface through the eyes of the operator rather than those of a software developer. This resulted in a brand-new user interface that is easy to use for everyone.”

After being tested intensively, the new interface has been implemented on an AutoStore system for the first time in spring 2020, as such undergoing the last development phase - in direct use on a client’s site. After almost a full year of operational success, the product is now 100% ready to be launched.

“At PicPac we have been using the new LogiCS user interface since last year and I can definitely say that we cannot conceive our work without it anymore. Not only does it ensure a clearer inventory, but it also provides a highly performing workflow at our AutoStore picking stations” said Nick Los, Logistic Manager at PicPac BV.

Everything for a flawless order fulfillment

‘What you see is what you get': that is the principle of this LogiCS user interface, whether it concerns order picking, replenishment or counting. “The warehouse employees get step by step guidance to work flawlessly. The right instructions and tasks appear on the screen by showing the employee pictures, at exactly the right moment in the specific material-flow process. In times where employment dynamic is high and picking is done by new or temporary workers this is a great advantage. Within a couple minutes of onboarding the employee is fully equipped to start their work. LogiCS is however an outstanding tool for existing employees as well, as it significantly reduces the human-error, by offering this thoroughly designed step-by-step guidance.” explains Mark van de Weijer, Account Manager at Lalesse Logistic Solutions.

Configuratie op maat door specialisten

LogiCS is een veelzijdig warehouse control systeem (WCS) dat kan worden uitgebreid met verschillende componenten voor specifieke warehouse-oplossingen. Het kan worden aangesloten op de meeste ERP- en WMS-pakketten. Mark van de Weijer, Account Manager Lalesse: "Met de nieuwe gebruikersinterface die we nu lanceren, onderscheiden we ons echt van onze concurrenten. We zorgen voor een sterk geoptimaliseerde gebruikerservaring voor gebruikers om te werken met een systeem dat naadloos aansluit en flexibiliteit biedt voor toekomstige uitbreiding".