Press release Lalesse Logistic Solutions / AM Gruppe

Lalesse Logistic Solutions and AM Gruppe are collaborating

on future-proof warehouse solutions

Publication date: March 5 2019 

The Lalesse Logistic Solutions stand at LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart.

In early 2019, Royal Reesink announced the purchase of AM Gruppe. This means that the group is expanding its activities and strong position in the Benelux to Germany. Reesink Logistic Solutions and AM Gruppe are working closely together to bundle the expertise of automated warehouse solutions.

Growing market

“We are seeing an enormous increase in the demand for automated warehouse systems,” explains the managing director, Joop Uijlen. “This is not only because of the growth of e-commerce and web shops, but also because of the limited availability of warehouse space and industrial premises. Companies often cannot grow width-wise due to the limited availability of space. This makes an automated high-bay warehouse or the AutoStore system with high storage density interesting.”

Collaboration with AM Gruppe is letting the warehouse supplier from Duiven get a foothold in the German market. “AM plus the AutoStore system is huge. As part of this collaboration, they’ll also be putting our products on the German market,” says Uijlen. With the warehouse cranes and conveyors produced in the Netherlands, AM can offer an integrated total solution for the German market. Together, Reesink Logistic Solutions and AM Gruppe are the market leaders in AutoStore in the Netherlands and Germany.

Sharing knowledge and experience

The suppliers hope to create a synergetic effect through their collaboration. Uijlen says, “The kick-off for our collaboration was during LogiMAT in Stuttgart. Visitors could come to our two stands, in both Hall 1 and Hall 2, with all their questions. Referral to the right specialist is then quick and easy. The collaboration gives us access to a wealth of experience and together we can serve our customers even better.”

One of the subjects on their joint agenda is refurbishing existing systems. “Whereas a forklift truck will be worn out after eight years of use in a conventional warehouse, a warehouse crane lasts for at least fifteen years. After that, the crane can be converted and modified to suit new wishes and requirements. In addition to the cost advantages this offers, it’s also in line with ideas about sustainability and the circular economy. AM has a lot of expertise in this area and that’s why we are working together on it,” says Uijlen.

Innovative total solutions

Their services and products let the two warehouse suppliers together offer total solution for future-proof warehouses. Reesink Logistic Solutions is able to develop and produce customer-specific solutions at its own production sites. In conclusion, Uijlen says, “The question with automation is not ‘if’, but ‘when’. It’s a precondition for a future-proof business.”


About Reesink Logistic Solutions

Reesink Logistic Solutions is a total supplier in warehousing and logistics. With a broad product range that includes warehouse racks, Lalesse warehouse cranes, Reesink conveyors and software that has been developed in-house, Reesink Logistic Solutions develops future-proof warehouse solutions. As part of Royal Reesink, the warehouse specialist has a solid base and a wealth of experience in industry, automation and logistics.

About AM Gruppe

AM Gruppe, consisting of AM Automation GmbH and AM Lagertechnik GmbH, offers automated warehouse solutions and transport systems. These include total solutions for warehouses, logistics, automation and control technology. The company is located in Offenau.