Reesink Logistic Solutions Division

Royal Reesink focuses on automated warehouse solutions

Publication date: December 1st 2020


Due to the strong growth in intralogistics, the acceleration of e-commerce and the “industry 4.0” trends, the need for automated storage and material handling is growing. Royal Reesink successfully responds to this with its Reesink Logistic Solutions Division and its prestigious companies: Lalesse Logistic Solutions in the Netherlands and AM Logistic Solutions in Germany. Established as leading intralogistics integrators on their designated markets, the two companies deliver advanced warehousing solutions that optimally meet our customer’s demands.

Gert Bossink, division director, sees great potential in the two sister-companies and speaks proudly about their achievements "We are already market leading specialists in designing fit for purpose Autostore systems, while our racking and warehouse crane solutions for cold stores and other type of warehouses are in high demand in both Germany and the Benelux. Our specialized teams realize magnificent and appealing projects, together with our clients".

Complete warehouse management system and excellent service

Machiel van den Hazelkamp, managing director Lalesse Logistic Solutions is confident that working together with AM Logistic Solutions will boost both companies’ capabilities further more: "We serve a wide range of customers with our appealing mix of state of the art products and innovative ideas. Combining one or more of our products, like warehouse cranes, miniloads, shuttles, AutoStore, racking and conveyors, into a customized solution which we control with a combination of our PLC software and our LogiCS Warehouse Control System is what we are specialized in. With our wide range of Service Level Agreements, we are able to continue supporting our customers during operations at any desired level.”

AM Logistic Solutions has been leading the AutoStore System market in Germany for over a decade now and is also specialized in delivering high-end warehouse intelligence in form of PLC, WCS and WMS software solutions, as well as switch cabinet construction and application. Norbert Golz, managing director of AM Logistic Solutions also has a positive take on the two companies working together while being supported by the division: "Together we offer unbeatable solutions that cover every possible scenario. We can customize the projects in detail and make optimal use of every square meter, while remaining very-efficient and flexible at all times. Our solutions are intended to give clients the freedom of future expansion. And because we are also strongly represented locally, our customers can count on 24/7 hotline support with fast reaction and fixing time, as well as specialized corrective and preventive maintenance".

Ambitious growth plans

The companies have ambitious, cross-border growth plans. Gert Bossink is confident that it is just a matter of time before the Reesink Logistic Solutions Division will be a benchmark on the European market: “The further teaming up of both companies will result in strengthening our position in the home-based markets in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany and Austria. On top of that it will further enable seizing new opportunities abroad. Both the teamplay, as well as the growth ambitions are ultimately endorsed by this rebranding of our companies. We are pleased that the premises of respecting the past while building bridges towards the promising future are reflected in the rebranded company-names and logos. Together we are stronger and ready to use our knowhow and experience in the best interest of our clients.”

Managing Directors

About Royal Reesink

Royal Reesink is a market leader as an international distributor and service provider in the fields of high-quality machines, components and services for the agricultural sector, landscape maintenance, internal transport, warehouse design and civil engineering. The 234 years old Dutch company has a solid base in the Netherlands and a strong international presence with 36 subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Ireland, Turkey, Canada and South Africa. The core activity is to provide a service, support and training for optimal and most efficient use of the equipment during the entire lifespan. With operating locally, the service is very close to the customers, for local maintenance, quick repairs and supply of parts to maximise the lifespan of the equipment and to minimise the total costs for the customers. Customers can be found in all segments of the market including logistics centres, agricultural companies, forestry and landscaping companies, golf courses, industrial and construction companies, contractor workers, Water Authorities and (Local) Authorities.

About AM Logistic Solutions

AM Logistic Solutions GmbH, based in Offenau (Baden-Württemberg) is a leading provider of automated intralogistics solutions. The German company designs and implements fit-for-purpose AutoStore systems as a general contractor, including conveyor and storage systems for logistics service providers, as well as for retailers and operators of their own warehouses. The range of services also includes tailormade IT and software solutions and 24/7 service and maintenance through a client dedicated hotline. AM Logistic Solutions is official AutoStore distributor for Germany and, with more than 80 realized projects, national AutoStore market leader.

About Lalesse Logistic Solutions

From warehouse racking and conveyor systems to AutoStore and Lalesse warehouse cranes: Lalesse Logistic Solutions is a one-stop-shop supplier when it comes to warehouse automation. The Dutch company has its own production and experienced software specialists and has been developing customized solutions for more than 50 years, occupying a leading position in the Benelux market. With a wide range of logistical systems and fully custom-designed components, a reliable solution is offered that is fully tailored to the warehouse. The design is flexible for the available space, the desired operational speed, the dimensions of goods and other specific requirements.