Get ahead of your competition with AutoStore

Does your customer demand ever quicker delivery times? Do you want to get your order accuracy up to a higher level? With a robotised AutoStore system you are all set up to meet current and future expectations and trends. Store up to four times as many goods in the same space with the compact grid-based robot system from AutoStore. 

Two robots of the innovative AutoStore system.

Lalesse Logistic Solutions: your AutoStore specialist.

Efficiency on every available m²

Autostore allows you to achieve a much higher storage density compared to traditional automated warehouses. Thanks to its modular structure with only five components, the system is very flexible and can be used in almost every property. AutoStore allows you to make optimal use of your available m3. 

The AutoStore system was developed in the 1990s by the Norwegian company AutoStore. In recent years, the system has developed into one of the most innovative warehouse systems available. It is a revolutionary system with logic algorithms, smooth-running robots and smart tray handling. Speed, reliability and control are of central importance here. 

AutoStore at PostNL.

The five modules of your AutoStore system 

The layout of the system is based upon your capacity desires and requirements. Your goods are stored in recyclable plastic trays within the aluminium framework. Quiet robots equipped with grabs move along the rails forwards, backwards and sideways, picking up trays and moving them to the operator stations. 

The system is controlled by smart software, getting your products to the right place at the right time. With the AutoStore system all system components function independently of one another. So you are assured of a high level of availability. What if one robot fails? That does not affect the other robots. 

AutoStore Black Line series

Besides its well-known red robots, AutoStore now also has the Black Line series. These robots give the system an even greater pick and storage capacity. The Black Line robot is taller and doesn’t carry the bins at its side but in the hollow of its body. The robot can process taller bins, so more and/or bigger goods can be now stored in the system. Like to know more about AutoStore Black Line? Watch the video or keep reading!

The advantages of AutoStore

High speed and reliability: maximum return from each metre

Fully automated: more entry and storage operations

Relatively simple to set up

Can be integrated into existing warehouses

Flexible system: easy to expand

Low power consumption

Happy customer at his AutoStore system.

AutoStore has significantly extended our order time