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The most frequently asked questions about AutoStore


An automated warehouse can be a substantial investment. However, a system like AutoStore can result in considerable savings on various costs. There are many factors that have an effect on the financial impact, for instance the costs of purchasing ground or conversion costs that come with converting an existing warehouse but also, in the long term, salary and energy costs.

This page provides the answers to questions about the investment to be made. Other sections concern the space available and the logistical operation.

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QUESTION 7: Which costs come with the AutoStore system?

When you opt for AutoStore, you are opting for the future. The system comprises five components. The aluminium grid forms the basis on which the robots do their job: transporting the durable, stackable bins to the order picker at the station. The controller is the command centre that controls the entire system. The system is easy to expand thanks to the modular layout. As a result, the system fulfils the needs of today, but also those of the future!

We determine how many of the five components are needed in the warehouse depending on the storage capacity (number of bins) and the desired output of orders. Together with you our AutoStore specialist Mark, can make it clear in what way AutoStore can serve your needs and requirements best.

QUESTION 8: What is the cost recovery period and how can I calculate this?

To be able to calculate this cost recovery period, the one-off and fixed costs of the system are compared with the benefits of the system. These benefits are mainly expressed in savings. One of the savings arises from the compactness of the AutoStore system. Unnecessary additional space results in longer distances in the warehouse and more handling (costs). Labour savings play a large part in calculating the cost recovery period.

The compact AutoStore system also ensures cost savings on square metres, for instance in rental costs or the cost of purchasing ground. AutoStore also ensures that logistics are more efficient and for a decreased margin of error. It makes later cut-off times possible, which in turn creates more time to accumulate orders. In combination with the growth potential that the element of efficiency brings with it, growth in revenue will have a positive effect on the cost recovery period.

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AutoStore Quickscan

The above factors and more have all been integrated into our AutoStore Quick Scan. Would you like to easily gain insight in the possibilities of AutoStore with an accompanying business case? Our AutoStore specialists are happy to help!

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Most frequently asked questions about AutoStore

Who is not familiar with them? The red (or black) robots that move rapidly over a grid to pick up bins with products and to transport them to the order picker. For years, AutoStore has proven itself to be the ideal system that utilises the space available optimally and that makes the logistical process up to ten times more efficient. Curious to know how? In this series, we provide the answers to the eight most frequently asked questions about AutoStore and give you insight into the possibilities!

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