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The most frequently asked questions about AutoStore

The logistical operation

Incoming goods, outgoing packages: a lot of activity takes place in and around your warehouse. To automate or not to automate: the employee has a significant part to play in this. Do your customers demand long ordering times and does this result in the rescheduling of shifts? Do you have difficulty in finding enough warehouse staff? AutoStore offers the solution to these challenges and creates room for growth.

This page provides the answers to questions about the logistical operation. Other sections concern the space available and the investment

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QUESTION 4: How many more orders can my operator process?

In a conventional warehouse with a rack system, an order picker walks or drives through the warehouse to make picks. This is a thing of the past with AutoStore! Thanks to the use of AutoStore robots, the number of picks per hour can, depending on your specific situation, triple. Your employees pick the products from a workstation that is ergonomic and easy to control. Faster and with a lower margin of error.

Picking orders faster creates numerous possibilities for you: scale-up the number of orders, expand order times and deploy the staff available more efficiently. You're prepared for the future with AutoStore!

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QUESTION 5: How long does it take to pick up a bin from the bottom of the grid?

When the bins are stacked, some products are stored at the bottom of the grid. AutoStore's intelligent way of working ensures that the products that are in great demand are stored in the top layers of the grid. In many cases, 80% of the orders come from the top layer of the grid or from the layers directly beneath this. Products that are less popular will automatically drop to a lower level in the system. For instance, seasonal products are brought to the top when they are in season. In the case of a bin still having to be picked up from the bottom of the grid, 16 levels takes 2.5 minutes at most!

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QUESTION 6: Do I need separate workstations for filling and picking?

The AutoStore workstations are easy to convert from filling to picking and vice versa. The same workstations can also be used to count the inventory. Despite this multifunctionality the number, type and positioning of the workstations is a matter of customisation. By thinking along with you about the logistical processes before, during and after the AutoStore, our specialists are able to provide you with sound advice on the number, instalment and the type of workstations that suit your specific situation best. This is to ensure that the logistical operation runs as efficiently as possible!

Most frequently asked questions about AutoStore

Who is not familiar with them? The red (or black) robots that move rapidly over a grid to pick up bins with products and to transport them to the order picker. For years, AutoStore has proven itself to be the ideal system that utilises the space available optimally and that makes the logistical process up to ten times more efficient. Curious to know how? In this series, we provide the answers to the eight most frequently asked questions about AutoStore and give you insight into the possibilities!

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Speed up and improve your logistical operation with AutoStore! Curious about the possibilities?

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