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The most frequently asked questions about AutoStore

Space available

The warehouse is an important link in your logistical process. Expanding and optimising storage capacity involves various challenges. Do nitrogen reduction- and PFAS measures limit the construction of a new building? Are the possibilities for expansion at the present location limited? Automation with AutoStore offers the solution.

This page provides the answers to questions about the space that is needed. Other sections concern the logistical operation and the investment

AutoStore robots on the grid

QUESTION 1: Does AutoStore fit in my (new) warehouse?

One of the great advantages of AutoStore is the flexibility of the system. It can be realised in all shapes and sizes. From a new warehouse to an existing one: together with you, our specialists create a design that suits the space that is available. The grid structure makes a large storage density possible, enabling you to save up to 75% on floor space compared to a traditional warehouse system. So efficiency on every square metre available!

Did you know that...

… the smallest AutoStore we have supplied is installed in our own warehouse in Duiven? The system has two robots, 900 bins and covers a surface area of 48.2 m2. The size of the system has an effect on the profitability of the system. We will explain more about this in part three of this series.

QUESTION 2: What is the minimum number of order movements per day needed for AutoStore?

AutoStore operates when you want it to. The number of order movements is of minor importance. The system has applications in its archive in which little handling takes place, but also applications at large suppliers where thousands of order lines per hour are processed. AutoStore is future-proof. The system is suited for a small start but at the same time, can be expanded with the growth of the business. The performance of the system has an effect on the speed with which the investment in the system is earned back. We can calculate this for you using the AutoStore Quick Scan!

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AutoStore bin layout

QUESTION 3: Can all my products go in the bins?

Call it a bin, a container or a box: with its robust, stackable and functional shape, the AutoStore Bin keeps the inventory complete and safe. The bins are suitable for many different types on contents. From bike parts to clothing or cosmetics. There are three types of bins, with a height of 200mm, 300mm and 400mm. The most suitable bin depends on the composition of your inventory.

Together with you, our AutoStore specialist Mark and his team make an analysis of the inventory. How big are the products and what do they weigh? How often are they sold? By carrying out a smart analysis of the product data available, we know which percentage of the products is suitable for the AutoStore system. Are there products that cannot be included? We integrate AutoStore as a hybrid system, supplemented with other solutions to ensure that your products are stored in the correct way in every phase of the logistical process.

Most frequently asked questions about AutoStore

Who is not familiar with them? The red (or black) robots that move rapidly over a grid to pick up bins with products and to transport them to the order picker. For years, AutoStore has proven itself to be the ideal system that utilises the space available optimally and that makes the logistical process up to ten times more efficient. Curious to know how? In this series, we provide the answers to the eight most frequently asked questions about AutoStore and give you insight into the possibilities!

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AutoStore and conveyor belt at Beijer Ref