Benefits Geek AMRs

10 benefits of Geek+ AMRs

You've probably heard of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), but do you know all the benefits? We have listed 10 benefits of Geek+ AMRs for your warehouse. Let's take a look!

Tripling the productivity of order fulfilment

Employees do not have to spend time walking, looking for ordered items, on a specific shelf in scattered locations of the warehouse.

Lower costs

When order picking becomes more efficient, it means employees can focus on more value added tasks.

No single point of failure

If an AMR breaks down, it can be easily fixed and replaced without affecting the operation.

Flexible to scale up and down

The number of robots as well as hours of work per day can be easily adjusted to meet changes in demand even if there is an unexpected peak or off-peak season.

Fast deployment

The infrastructure required is as simple as five components: robots, workstation, WIFI, shelf and QR code. AMRs can be easily installed and a project can go-live within one month.

Higher storage capacity

As storage bin locations are customized for specific SKUs, each bin location can be fully utilized to store the same items.

More accurate operations

By deploying AMRs, you can avoid errors associated with manual operations like stress brought on during peak, untrained staff and even reverse logistics.

Safer operations

By using built-in sensords, laser scanner and intelligent algorithms, the robot can detect people or obstacles and adjust its route. This allows for a safe and collaborative environment for warehouse employees.

Improve the working environment

AMRs create an ergonomic working process for workers and increase their value to the business.

Flexible deployment

Unlike fixed infrastructure, AMRs are easily to relocate and can enable a quick transition period.

Improve your logistics operation

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