Twice as many picks per hour with AutoStore 

A capacity problem meant that Jos Beekman, director of Beekman BV, was faced with a choice: move to larger premises or build new capacity at the existing location. The decision was made to build a fully automatic warehouse equipped with the AutoStore system. The number of orders picked per hour doubled, and there is now plenty of spare capacity for growth. Thanks to the AutoStore system, this specialist in components for domestic equipment is now fit for the future. 

The innovative AutoStore system with its red robots.

Our staff is proud of the AutoStore system.

Jos Beekman - Beekman BV 

The AutoStore warehouse at Beekman

Beekman BV is a supplier of components, connecting materials and accessories for domestic appliances.

Area: approx. 1200 m2 on 1st floor
Height: 3.6 metres, 12 trays of 30cm one on top of the other
Number of trays: 17.141
Number of robots:  41, speed 3.1 m per second
Entry stations: 2, together 200 puts hour
Export stations:    6, together 1200 bins hour
Delivery: april 2017
Jos Beekman of  Beekman BV in Apeldoorn.

With AutoStore we are fit for the future.

Our warehouse futureproof

“We have big ambitions for the future; we want to grow significantly in the next ten years. We can do that easily with this system. A wider range means we need lots of extra trays. The optimisation of our entire warehouse is a continuous process that we have given a great deal of thought to. For example, we have our own programmers who are working with Lalesse Logistic Solutions to investigate ways to further develop the control software. With the AutoStore system from Lalesse Logistic Solutions our warehouse is futureproof!” says Jos Beekman. 

Project leader Walter Numan explains

“The greatest challenge within this project was the construction of the AutoStore on the 1st floor. To avoid disruption to the Beekman operations, most of the materials were brought in from outside through a single transport opening. The structure was prepared thoroughly and in great detail, which meant that the AutoStore project could be realised and delivered within the agreed timescale.” 

“For me as project leader, the collaboration with Beekman has been very enjoyable. Good and open communication with Beekman has meant that problems could be flagged up early and resolved immediately. All partners have given their all, which has resulted in the realisation of a wonderful AutoStore project with an outcome that we can be proud of.”

The AutoStore system at Beekman BV in Apeldoorn.