Beijer Ref

The power of inventory and fast delivery

When it comes to refrigeration technology, having a system that runs properly is essential in order to prevent product loss. That means that being able to deliver quickly at any time is top priority for wholesaler Beijer Ref. Since April 2019, the company has been serving installers throughout the Benelux from its innovative logistics centre in Oirschot. The total solution developed by Lalesse Logistic Solutions has allowed the wholesaler to significantly increase its efficiency levels.

Warehouse of Beijer Ref.

Since april 2019 Beijer Ref in Oirschot has a warehouse solution developed by Lalesse Logistic Solutions

The warehouse of Beijer Ref

Surface area: 

ca. 3.620 m2

Number of racking locations: 

7.936 europallets

AutoStore surface area

262 m2

Number of robots:


Number of work stations:


Number of storage boxes:


Date of completion:

November 2017

Warehouse with racking.

A total solution from one supplier

With its wide variety of brands on offer, Beijer Ref is the specialist wholesaler in cooling technology in the Netherlands. Everything from climate control technology and industrial refrigeration to comfort cooling. In 2016, the head office in Sweden called for all the back office activities of its four sister companies to be centralised. These activities have been centralised in Oirschot since 2018. “We were bursting at the seams in our previous buildings”, said Erwin van Dijk, Director of Logistics and Operations at Beijer Ref in Oirschot.

Van Dijk soon came in contact with the Lalesse Logistic Solutions specialists. He recounts, “I began by requesting quotations from several suppliers for the various sections of our warehouse. The Reesink group was able to provide us with a solution for all of our issues. That was the deciding factor for us.” What emerged was an offer that included a warehouse design, an AutoStore system from Lalesse, and a variety of supplemental trucks from Motrac Linde. The warehouse is equipped with an AutoStore system, racks, flow racks and a pick-by-light system, Reesink conveyor belts and Linde electric pallet trucks, reach trucks, order picking trucks and a forklift.

Project leader Walter Numan says,

“What makes this project so perfect is the total logistics solution that we have achieved together with our sister company Motrac Linde. An AutoStore system with a customised conveyor system, flow racks and pick-by-light system were supplied, as well as pallet racks and forklifts. The AutoStore system is not only a great solution at present. During the design phase and the implementation process, factors such as grid expansion, an increase in the number of picking stations and extension of conveyor belts were taken into account. As a result, this system makes Beijer Ref prepared for the future. As a project manager, my experience collaborating with Beijer Ref has been very positive. It has been an incredible project with results that everyone can be proud of.”

Transportsystem in the warehouse of Beijer Ref

The staff immediately noticed how efficient the system is.