Efficiency, error reduction and a vital workplace

With a revenue exceeding 10 billion euros, the publicly listed company Bunzl is global market leader in the sale of packaging and disposables. Lalesse Logistic Solutions took on a portion of the new warehouse installation with a total of 27,000 pallet spaces.

Racking of Lalesse

“I think that the most significant benefit for our office and warehouse personnel is that they are now working as a single team.” - Wilbert van Wachtendonk, Managing Director Bunzl.

The warehouse of Bunzl

Warehouse surface:    

ca. 19.000 m2

Pallet locations:

approx. 28.000 


approx 1.300 frames and 12.000 shelves
33 aisles, 70,5m deep


May 2019

Racking at Bunzl.

Room to grow

Throughout the past 10 years, Bunzl has doubled its revenue and the organisation has their sights on continued growth in the coming years. Retail & Industry supplies packaging materials to countless businesses in the Netherlands, from supermarkets and warehouses to industrial bakeries and logistics service providers. With 126 colleagues, these activities are conducted from distribution centres in Arnhem and Waalwijk.

Due to the rapid growth, a significant portion of the stock was housed at an external location in recent years. Delivery from multiple distribution centres proved inefficient, motivating the decision for a new building. Together with two partners in Arnhem, a new, sustainable facility with a custom design has been realised to align with Bunzl’s ambitions. Of the 27,000 pallet spaces, 19,000 are now taken – more than enough space for continued growth over the coming 10 years.

Projectleider Rico Blom says:

“We took an extensive preparation time for the realization of the Bunzl warehousing. We described every risk in great detail and discussed everything with the people involved at Bunzl. Thanks to quick and direct communication during the internal and external weekly meetings, we were able to adapt quickly and adequately to challenges faced. The result? A successful implementation and a system that could be used immediately after delivery. We are proud that our goal, a satisfied customer, has been achieved!”

Racking at Bunzl
Project Manager
Rico Blom, Project Manager at Lalesse Logistic Solutions
Rico Blom
Project Manager at Lalesse Logistic Solutions