Grolleman Coldstore

Logistical challenges in freezing temperatures

Total solution with Lalesse warehouse cranes.

With its extensive facilities for packing, refrigeration, freezing and storage, Grolleman Coldstores is a logistical service provider for the food and beverage industry. Lalesse Logistic Solutions is helping Grolleman to realise a rack-clad warehouse that will increase the warehouse’s total storage capacity by more than 16,000 pallet locations.

Building the warehouse in Apeldoorn.

Building of racks, end of 2018.

The coldstore warehouse of Grolleman

Surface area:

approx. 3,876 m2, 27,5 metres high


16.320 Cheppallets


8 isles of 101 metres

Number of cranes: 

8 straight-line cranes


400 pallets per hour



Mobile racking at Grolleman warehouse.

From cranes to software

Compared to the forklifts that were used in the past, the automated warehouse cranes can move products much more efficiently. “We replaced all the mobile racks with fixed shelving systems in 2017 and added aisles for the warehouse cranes,” continues Kieftenbelt. “Thanks to the new design, we’re now using the space much more efficiently and have managed to increase our freezing capacity by 40%.”

In 2018, an extension with mobile racks was added to the warehouse. The specialists from Lalesse Logistic Solutions were closely involved in the design and expansion process for both the existing and new warehouse. Due to the undiminished growth in its activities, Grolleman decided to further expand the location in Apeldoorn with a high-bay warehouse. Where it is now using external storage locations, Grolleman wants to be able to process and store all the flows in its own environment.

Project Manager Jacco Donders:

“We’ve already implemented multiple projects with Grolleman. We’ve got used to working with each other and thanks to Grolleman’s horizontal organisation the communication lines are short, which really speeds up the project turnaround time. Due to the cold temperature, the environmental conditions at Grolleman are challenging for employees. This requires solutions that go beyond the standard products. At Lalesse, we have the flexibility to handle this in the right way and so offer Grolleman a custom- designed solution.”

Warehouse crane in Grolleman warehouse.
Project Manager
Project Manager at Lalesse Logistic Solutions
Jacco Donders
Project Manager at Lalesse Logistic Solutions