Grolleman Coldstores

40% more freezer capacity in the same space

From a three-shift system to a two-shift system with plenty of room for growth. Thanks to the reorganisation of its warehouse, Grolleman Coldstore in Apeldoorn is now fit for the future. With Lalesse automatic warehouse cranes, racking, and fork-lift and warehouse trucks from sister company MotracLinde, Grolleman Coldstore has a solution that has created 40% more freezer capacity in the same space. 

Racking at Grolleman Coldstore in Apeldoorn.

Lalesse Logistic Solutions allows us to switch quickly and in a solution-oriented way. 

Peter Kieftenbelt - Technical manager at Grolleman Coldstore  

Grolleman’s coldstore warehouse

Grolleman Coldstores is a full-service provider for companies that want to pack, chill, freeze and/or store their products. 

Area: approx 2000 m2 
Number of aisles:  three aisles 13 m high and 100 m long
Racking: single-depth
Number of cranes:     three straight-line aisle-bound cranes
Other: existing roller conveyors reused for the new solution
Delivery: July 2017
Peter Kieftenbelt in the Coldstore warehouse of Grolleman.

The most efficient internal logistics

“All mobile racks have been replaced by fixed racks for around 3000 pallet positions with lanes for cranes” explains Peter Kieftenbelt. “This new setup and a better thought-out use of space has allowed us to increase our freezer capacity by 40%. Movements can also be processed much more efficiently with the cranes than with fork-lift trucks. After a few months of operations with the new setup we will move all logistical activities to two shifts instead of three.”

“Looking back on the project, I am impressed with the solution delivered and also the effort and dedication of the installation team. They have worked hard to achieve our schedule. Finally, Reesink Logistic Solutions has also ensured that orders from our ERP system are processed by the cranes via a WMS, with a number of management reports being produced for the required monitoring and adjustment.”

Project leader Marc explains

“We had to realise the complete solution for Grolleman Coldstores while the coldstore was in use. Because the ambient temperature was minus 20 degrees, this had a considerable impact upon the fitters. The warehouse being operational created an extra dynamic during realisation, but our years of experience meant that we were able to respond to this effectively.”

“Those involved at Grolleman Coldstores were very proactive and constructive. This resulted in an effective and enjoyable collaboration. During the realisation phase, we put measures in place to allow our fitters to work well. For example, a special room was set up so that work could be performed without being in the freezing cold.”

Custom made transportation system made by Lalesse Logistic Solutions.
Project Manager
Marc Knollenburg, project manager at Lalesse Logistic Solutions.
Marc Knollenburg
Project Manager at Lalesse Logistic Solutions