New warehouse cranes double the storage capacity

A growing amount of orders and a warehouse bursting at the seams made the mat manufacturer Hamat decide to expand. In order to use the last available piece of land on the site as efficiently as possible, they chose a high-rise warehouse no less than 28 metres in height that has Lalesse warehouse cranes. On a ground area of just 2000 m2, they expanded the number of pallet spaces by over 16,000. 

Magazijnstellingen met Lalesse magazijnkraan bij Hamat in Genemuiden.
This warehouse enables us to keep growing. We’re ready for the future!

Bernhard van Dalfsen - Company director at Hamat 

The warehouse of Hamat

Mat manufacturer  Hamat designs, produces and supplies mats, carpets and rugs to customers in about fifty countries.


approx. 2000 m2, 28 metres high

Storage locations:

16700 europallets 


4 aisles 76 metres, double-deep
1 transit aisle of 17 metres 

Number of warehouse cranes:    

two Lalesse aisle-switching cranes


600 pallets per day


october 2017

Bernard van Dalfsen, bedrijfsleider bij Hamat.

Our margin of error decreased a lot.

Delivering quickly

“We can see that the market is changing,” says Van Dalfsen. “Rapid delivery and excellent service are more important than ever. An order that comes in today will be picked and shipped by tomorrow at the latest. We’ve had to speed up delivery times a lot, particularly because of the increasing number of webshops.” Hamat has full control of the production process, letting them respond quickly to demand, trends and developments. Almost all the products are supplied from stock, and that requires substantial storage capacity.

Hamat came across Lalesse Logistic Solutions at the Logistica trade fair. “We went to the trade show together with our logistics adviser to get an idea of what might be the best solution for our warehouse,” continues Dalfsen. “Because of the limited ground space that was available, we decided on a warehouse with cranes. Our preference was to collaborate with a Dutch company, so we ended up choosing the Lalesse warehouse cranes from Lalesse.” They worked out a plan together and now, two years later, the cranes are working flat out.

Project leader Walter explains

“The biggest challenge in this project was fine-tuning the warehouse control system – the WCS software – and integrating it in the higher-level ERP package, the enterprise resource planning software. Formulating objectives using the SMART principle, intensive discussions with the stakeholders and making clear agreements let us deliver a user-friendly and efficient WCS.”

“The people at Hamat have a very practical approach, just like we do. The communication lines are short, agreements are made quickly and – much more importantly – they’re kept to. I think that was the success factor for the cooperation between Hamat and Lalesse Logistic Solutions. In my role as the project leader, the cooperation with Hamat was a very positive experience and I’m convinced it will continue for a long time.”

Stellingen met matten geproduceerd door Hamat.
Project Manager
Walter Numan, project leader at Lalesse Logistic Solutions
Walter Numan
Project manager at Lalesse Logistic Solutions