Jan de Rijk

Competitive advantage through automation with AutoStore

As a logistics provider, Jan de Rijk Logistics deals with international transport and contract logistics. For their fulfilment offering, their location in Roosendaal was equipped with the innovative AutoStore system in 2021. This allows Jan de Rijk Logistics to respond to industry trends and developments and specific tender requirements. The result? A future-proof system and a competitive offering for their customers.


With AutoStore, we can market our fulfilment services more competitively and attract more customers.

AutoStore at Jan de Rijk

Surface area: 500 m2
Number of bins: 15,000
Number of robots: 13
Number of workstations: 3
Output: 150 - 200 picks per hour per station
Completion: 2021

Jan de Rijk logistics

Part of a new strategy

A transport company at heart - since 1970 - Jan de Rijk Logistics is developing into an all-round logistics service provider. Part of its offer is contract logistics: warehousing, fulfilment, but also assembly and customs services. Years of experience have led to the identification of (new) markets. Jan de Rijk Logistics focuses on retail & e-commerce, consumer electronics and after market & spare parts. In order to best serve these sectors, it was decided to automate as many repetitive processes as possible.

Erik van Dee, Business Development Manager: "For us, it started with the implementation of a new warehouse management system in 2019. We also expanded our team with experts in the field of warehousing. We took a year to map out the issue of automation." To do this, Jan de Rijk Logistics called in the logistics consultants of the UC Group, who asked Lalesse to join them in their thinking. A solution with the AutoStore 2020 system was chosen.

Account Manager Mark van de Weijer says

"It is great to see how Jan de Rijk has prepared the organisation for a new, automated way of working in a relatively short period of time. This facilitated the implementation and ensured a flying start with the system. With the AutoStore, they have a very strong fulfilment offering with which they can serve many new customers. Thanks to the automation, Jan de Rijk can not only offer an attractive commercial rate, but the whole offer becomes more competitive," says Van de Weijer. "In addition, the system is set up in such a way that it can be easily expanded as the company grows. As Lalesse Logistics Solutions, we are proud of this great solution and look forward to continuing our cooperation with Jan de Rijk.

Jan de Rijk logistics

E-Commerce whitepaper

Warehouse automation offers online retailers the opportunity to further improve service. As an experienced integrator of automated warehouse systems, we have implemented customised solutions in many successful projects and would like to share this knowledge with you.

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