New automated warehouse for B&S in Dordrecht

Space for growth thanks to new warehouse

B&S is an international distribution partner of fast-moving consumer goods in specific niche markets worldwide. B&S has grown considerably in the last few years. In order to ensure this growth in the future, B&S has decided to build a new warehouse alongside the current head office in Dordrecht. To fit the new building as efficiently as possible, B&S has chosen an automated total solution from Lalesse Logistic Solutions.

Racking at B&S.

The high-rise warehouse of B&S has been fitted with custom-made racking produced by Lalesse. 

High-rise warehouse measuring 16,000 m2

With the new warehouse an extra 16,000 m2 of storage capacity is added to the Dordrecht location. This increases the total storage capacity in Dordrecht to some 75,000 m2. The building has now been erected and the fitting of the warehouse is in full swing! On Tuesday 1 May, a start will be made to lowering the three 22.5-metre-high warehouse cranes in through the roof (24 metres high). The high-rise warehouse has been a conscious choice: in combination with automated Lalesse warehouse cranes and a fully automatic conveyor system, efficient bulk storage is realised. With the new system B&S is fit for the future. 

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Reesink Logistic Solutions constructors are working on a crane at B&S.

About B&S

B&S is one of the three business segments of B&S Group. It has a product range comprising more than 30,000 products and supplies parties such as ship chandlers, peace missions of NATO and the UN, duty-free shops, airline companies, cruise ships and large retailers worldwide. B&S Group is a distributor of consumer goods (Health & Beauty, Liquors, Food & Beverages, Electronics) in more than 100 countries and operates as a single source supplier in premium channels and specialised markets worldwide.

B&S Group offers custom-made solutions throughout the entire distribution chain and connects suppliers and customers that would otherwise have found it difficult to get in contact with one another. B&S Group has experienced explosive over the last few years, and now delivers to webshops such as Amazon and, as well as retail chains such as Kruidvat and Action. In order to be able to continue to grow, a great deal is being invested, such as in automation. The new warehouse in Dordrecht is one of the steps that B&S is undertaking to be able to deliver more efficiently and quickly.