Logistic challenges at low temperatures

Storage in freezing conditions brings with it considerable challenges. For staff, equipment and machines. Reason enough to take a close look at the way of storing items in existing or new coldstores and see how this can be done better and more efficiently. 

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Coldstore warehouse

By going through the 7 steps in the whitepaper, you will know exactly which factors to take into account when building or renovating a coldstore.

Technologies for cold stores down to -30℃

The demand for cold stores continues to grow unabated. Coldstores serve as buffer storage for supply and demand, and to cope with unforeseen circumstances or market fluctuations. But changes in consumer consumption patterns are also influencing demand for coldstores: people are eating more fresh produce and less canned goods.

A cold store environment is characterised by its low temperature. Therefore, it is very important that equipment and sensors do not freeze. Our range consists of specific technical systems that function flawlessly under these conditions. For example, our warehouse cranes can operate in a wide range of ambient conditions, even down to -30℃.

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Proven approach

Lalesse Logistic Solutions is specialised in the realisation of coldstore warehouse solutions. Our years of experience and knowledge combined with our high-quality techniques guarantee a solution that secures your process.

The realisation of an automated coldstore requires a specific approach. Materials can expand or shrink, which is why deadlines for putting the cold store into operation are extra important. Maintenance in a cold store is also a specialism. Our engineers and mechanics are familiar with the specific characteristics of a cold store. With our 24/7 service level, you are assured of a working solution.

Would you like to take a close look at your existing or new cold store and discover what could be done better and more efficiently? Then download our whitepaper!

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