Reliable and custom made

The transportation system is an important part of your warehouse. You want to move goods quickly and efficiently, but also safely and without errors. The warehouse specialists of Lalesse Logistic Solutions translate your wishes and requirements into a reliable, functional and cost-efficient solution. 

The specialists of Lalesse Logistic Solutions at their own designed conveyor system.

Lalesse Logistic Solutions has designed and developed its own conveyor system. 

The right solution for pallet transport

You want to move pallets quickly and safely within your warehouse. We have developed high-quality conveyors and accessories so that we can create the right solution for you. We produce these for you at our own production site. This means that you are always assured of a system that meets all your wishes and requirements. Lalesse supplies:

· pallet roller conveyors
· chain conveyors
· roller conveyor transfer (lifting) tables
· roller conveyor turntables

Pallets moving on the conveyor system of Lalesse Logistic Solutions.

From plastic trays to boxes: moving your mixed cargo

Even when plastic trays and boxes are used, we have the right solution in house. We ensure the correct solution for your situation, including:

· roller conveyors
· belt conveyors
· belt transfers
· sorting systems

Your transport system developed and produced by Lalesse

Modularity and SMART design are the forces behind Reesink conveyors. Thanks to the use of modular construction wherever possible and the omission of superfluous components, Reesink conveyors have a long service life and offer an economical solution. Thanks to the use of smart technologies, the conveyors have low power consumption and need little maintenance. 

We also took the appearance of your warehouse into account when designing the transport systems. The high-quality grey powder coating finish ensures the Reesink conveyors also blend in with your warehouse.

Conveyor system designed and built by Lalesse Logistic Solutions.