Internal transport

Your goods moved smartly

Efficient movement from the moment that your goods arrive on the premises until they leave it again: that is what you want. And, preferably, a consistent solution that keeps the manpower needed as low as possible. Lalesse Logistic Solutions supplies the right solution with your own unique transport system.

A pallet is moved by a Lalesse stacker crane.

Smart and efficient transport of your goods with Reesink transport systems.

Our transport solutions move your goods quickly and safely

Are your goods transported on pallets? Or do you move items in plastic trays and boxes? Whatever your situation, we offer suitable conveyors and accessories. From chain to belt conveyors, from lifting tables to sorting systems. We also offer Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV): an automated solution for bins, trays, boxes and pallets.

Thanks to intensive collaboration with our sister company MotracLinde your complete solution also includes mobile transport. From fork-lift trucks and warehouse trucks to container handlers: MotracLinde is a full liner in the field of mobile transport. With its high-quality products and in-house warehouse consultants you are assured of a solution that is a good fit for your situation.


Reesink conveyors 

We have developed its own roller and chain conveyor systems so that we can provide high-quality transport systems for your warehouse. The Reesink conveyors are of smart and modular design and have as few components as possible. Thanks to the use of smart technologies, the conveyors have low power consumption and need little maintenance. We also equip the conveyors with controllers where possible to minimise the proportion of PLC control.

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We make sure your systems communicate with each other correctly

The Reesink conveyor system has its own PLC software. This software is tailored to our own warehouse software (WCS) so that all processes connect up with each other optimally and the system functions as you want it to. 

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Warehouse with cranes and Reesink Transportsystem.