Lalesse sponsors soccerteam VV Katwijk

Sponsorship VV Katwijk

Since four years we are proud partner of the Businessclub of the VV Katwijk soccerteam. It might not seem so obvious that Lalesse and Motrac NL have become sponsors. But Joop Uijlen (Lalesse) and Geurt de Groot (Motrac NL) have an explanation for this.

VV Katwijk

Fish companies Parleviet, Van der Plas and Cornilis Vrolijk are customers of both the companies. The directors of these companies have linked the Katwijk football club with Lalesse and Motrac.

Joop explains: “We have more customers in the west of the country and there is enormous potential here. Therefore, it makes sense that we sponsor VV Katwijk. We are happy with the sponsorship: it is a fun, accessible club with a business club where all kinds of things happen.” We all know it has been a bit strange season, but we hope that this season we can enjoy the benefits of the partnership more. By taking our clients to see matches and by organizing meet-ups at the business club.