Lalesse stacker cranes

Proven technology tailored to your warehouse

How high is your existing or planned warehouse building? What is the temperature in your warehouse? The layout of your warehouse and the use of handling equipment depend upon many factors. With Lalesse stacker cranes, Lalesse Logistic Solutions offers a reliable solution, designed and produced to suit your current and future situation.

A Lalesse warehouse crane moves load.

Lalesse automatic warehouse cranes have been leading the market for decades.

Custom engineering for your warehouse crane

At Lalesse you don’t choose a standard product: we have our own engineering, software and construction facility and can supply a solution to suit your warehouse. The design always takes account of the height of the building, the required handling speeds, the dimensions of your goods and all other influencing factors. So we provide a solution that can handle your entire internal process, rather than a standard crane.

Of all the different techniques there is always one that is a good fit for your wishes and desires. Our engineers work with you to find a combination of the right cranes and the associated load-carrying devices that is appropriate for the handling of your goods. We supply both single-masted and double-masted cranes with a wide range of load-carrying devices, from telescopic forks to the various types of shuttle. Do your goods require a special load-carrying device? No problem: our specialists will create a solution tailored to your requirements.

An engineer working on a stacker crane.

The right crane for every situation

Lalesse stacker cranes can deal with great heights and are able to run in refrigerated areas with temperatures down to ± -30C°.

Straight-line crane

An aisle-bound crane runs down a single aisle with racking on either side. This crane offers a combination of high storage capacity and high speed because there are no aisle changes or curves. Goods can be stowed on both sides of the aisle at single, double or multiple depths.

Curve-going crane

A curve-going crane can leave one aisle and enter the next fully automatically by following a curve construction. One crane can thus serve two aisles. Two cranes can also be used in this construction if speed is a critical factor. Again, goods can be stowed on both sides of the aisle at single, double or multiple depths.

Aisle-switching crane 

This is where one or more cranes run in three or more aisles. The advantage of an aisle-switching crane is that it is relatively simple to add an extra crane or aisle if the system is expanded. The aisle-switching crane is a very good solution where a high storage capacity is important, but where speed plays a less crucial role (switching aisles takes time). If there is more than one crane, system availability is high because each crane can reach any location in the warehouse. Again, goods can be stowed on both sides of the aisle at single, double or multiple depths.

Your small goods stored with mini-load

Do you have boxes and trays or small batches of products stored in your warehouse? In situations like this, miniload can be a good solution. Lalesse miniload warehouse cranes move small load carriers at high speed and with excellent precision. The miniload has a single- or double-masted design depending upon the required load and performance. Uniquely, the miniload crane has a wide range of load carriers: not only box retrievers, but also chain retrievers or load carriers specifically designed for your storage method.

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Lalesse miniload crane which moves goods.