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Meet the AutoStore system.


Do you want to store up to four times as much in the same space? With AutoStore system your warehouse is futureproof. 

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Geek+ AMRs

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Geek+ AMRs can handle various tasks, including picking, moving, and sorting intelligently and independently.

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Stacker crane

Lalesse stacker cranes

With Lalesse stacker cranes we offers a reliable solution designed and produced to suit your current and future situation.

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Pick robots

Intelligent robots for efficient handling of goods in order picking, sorting or packing SKUs.

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The transportation system is an important part of your warehouse. Reesink conveyors are the solution!

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Our automated solutions ensure an efficient and safe working environment down to -30 degrees Celsius.

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Your goods transported smart from A to B.

Internal transport

You want to transport goods intelligently and efficiently. We provide the solutions how to do this.

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Lalesse IT Specialist


You want the components of your warehouse to communicate correctly with each other. We develop custom software.

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Service employee

Service and maintenance

We actively work with you and anticipate future maintenance well in advance, which prevents your machines suffering unexpected downtime.

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The specialists at Lalesse offer you a solution which suits you best.

Consultancy projectmanagement

Our team of experienced specialists offers you the solution that is truly right for your situation. 

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