2D shuttles

Automated pallet storage with stow Atlas® 2D shuttles

This warehouse automation takes efficiency, speed and reliability to the next level. The 2D shuttle system optimises your space and increases productivity.

The Movu atlas® is an advanced high-density storage system that offers exceptional performance and flexibility. With its automated shuttle technology, it is a safe and efficient solution that maximises your storage space and minimises the risk of human error. With its advanced features and technical specifications, the atlas® is an investment that will bring long-term value and efficiency to your business.

The Movu atlas® shuttle system is a deep as well as shallow lane storage and retrieval system that offers exceptional levels of performance and flexibility.

The Movu atlas® makes the most of your storage space. It is efficient, fast, reliable and increases productivity.

Casper Löverink - Account Manager

Safety and security

With this solution, manual pallet movements are a thing of the past. It eliminates human errors such as pick and drop errors, risking injury and material damage.

High storage density

The Movu atlas® also allows you to significantly increase your storage capacity by eliminating the travel required by traditional warehouse trucks. This maximises the use of your storage space.

Order picking

The Movu atlas® is an advanced storage and order picking system with exceptional performance and flexibility. Pallets are issued at the exact time you need them. By adding a picking station to the system, you have the option of picking products from the pallet and then returning the pallet to storage through the system.

Scalable and flexible

The modular features make the system compact and easy to expand as your storage needs grow. An increase in throughput can also be easily accommodated by the addition of extra shuttles to the system. This can be done on a permanent basis, but certainly also on a temporary basis.


The Movu atlas® is an advanced storage and order picking system that offers exceptional performance and versatility. This innovative solution uses shuttle technology to move pallets within an advanced racking structure. This enables high-density storage in warehouses with varying temperature conditions. With the ability to operate in environments ranging from -25°C to +45°C, the Movu atlas® can handle extreme conditions with ease.

Unlimited design possibilities

The design has no shape limitations. The layout is completely adaptable to the available space. For example, the Movu atlas® 2D can even use the free space above the loading docks.

Time saving

The Warehouse Control System (LogiCS) provides the link between your WMS/ERP and the various components of the system, such as the MovuTraffic Control (MTC) software. The MTC ensures smooth job distribution to the various shuttles. This combination ensures that the system is able to prepare and reshuffle orders even outside working hours. Pallet locations are optimised and waiting times are reduced.


All shuttles work as a group. If one of the lithium-ion batteries is running low, the shuttle itself will connect to the battery charger. One of the other shuttles simply takes over the task to be performed. The task is also taken over by one of the other shuttles in the event of an emergency.

Low power consumption

Due to the low weight of the shuttle, its power consumption is much lower than that of a manual forklift truck or a warehouse crane.


The Movu atlas® is built to the highest standards and complies with all European EN/FEM regulations. Its design is based on the stow pallet racking system. This is distinguished by its durability and reliability. Designed and manufactured to stow's high standards, it is an energy-efficient solution ready for Industry 4.0.

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