Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

The goods-to-person solution that supports your warehouse.

Flexible material handling

Geek+ AMRs can handle various tasks, including picking, moving, and sorting intelligently and independently using sensors and AI algorithms.

Depending on the chosen product line, the main functions of the Geek+ AMR technologies are:

  • Flexible to fit existing shelves and mezzanines
  • Low entry investment and rapid ROI
  • Fast implementation
  • Easy maintenance and utilization
  • Cost-efficient
  • High picking efficiency
  • Combined order optimization and picking
  • Inventory management
  • Heat analysis and goods-placement recommendation

Make the right move. Automate now!


The good-to-person principle significantly reduces labor-intensive operations, improves accuracy and increases efficiency by 2 to 3 times.

Our AMR offer is designed in partnership with our preferred provider Geek+ and supports 6 different product lines, as follows:

Smart Moving Robots

Improve your warehouse moving efficiency by over 50% with moving robots inbuilt with QR code navigation and laser SLAM technology

Smart Sorting Robots

Improve your warehouse sorting efficiency to nearly 10x that of traditional sorting methods with highly automated and versatile sorting robots.

Smart Goods-to-Person Picking Robots

Improve your warehouse picking efficiency by over 200% with innovative 'Goods-to-Person' picking solutions

Four-Way Shuttle Solution

Geek+ Sky-Storage & Ground-Pick solution has integrated storage and picking solutions with high density storage and high throughput capabilities. It increases storage capacity, throughput, flexibility, and is cost-effective.

Smart Tote-to-Person Picking Robots

Improve your warehouse picking efficiency by 2 to 3 times wih RoboShuttle robots which account for your business and operational needs with their fast ROI and flexible implementation structure.

Smart Collaborative Picking Robots

Improve your warehouse picking efficiency with collaborative picking robots and save up to 35 - 50% on labour costs.

Improve your logistics operation

Explore your possibilities? Our specialist Dobbe will be pleased to help you. Together with you he will provide clarity on how the various Geek+ solutions can contribute to a future-proof warehouse.;

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