Pick robots

Intelligent robotics for material handling

For efficient material handling during order picking, sorting or packing of SKUs, Lalesse can recommend a high-performing, reliable and scalable robotic solution. With a ROI under 2 years and cost reductions of up to 75%, these pick and sort robots are a logical choice.

One step closer to full automation with Nomagic robotic solutions!

The transformation from a conventional human-operated warehouse to an automated warehouse, where products automatically flow from receiving to storage, packing and shipping, is subject to risks that can negate the benefits. Solutions such as AutoStore™, which have been proven in practice for many years, offer a first step of automation. The JustPick robot from Nomagic is the natural next step.

The perfect partner

justPick is the perfect extension to integrate seamlessly with modern logistics automation systems such as AutoStore™ and Shuttles so that maximum throughput can be utilised.

In order to meet the high demand for e-commerce, justPick makes it possible to leave the order picking activity always ON. Tests conducted with our customers have shown that justPick is prepared to work with virtually all possible product types and warehouse layouts. Thanks to smart filters, autonomous actions and remote monitoring, the process is reliable.

The use of justPick improves the efficiency of pick-and-place or pick-and-pack tasks, the operational costs and the working conditions in the warehouse. justPick is capable of picking orders 10 times faster than a human being can do in 2 hours. Let the robot take care of repetitive tasks and let your employees deal with high value-added activities.

Improve your logistics operation

Curious about your opportunities? Our specialists will be happy to help you. Together with you, we will provide insight into how the various solutions can contribute to the future-proofing of your warehouse.

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