Why replace when you can revamp

Simply removing old storage systems and replacing them with completely new ones is not always the best solution. Sometimes it a combination of modernization and new construction is prefered. This involves adapting the hardware and software to state-of-the-art technology with minimal interruptions to business processes.

Comprehensive modernization during daily production

As a specialist for customised turnkey solutions for warehousing, we will start work in a technically outdated (high bay) warehouse to upgrade it for evolving material flows and ordering processes. This will not only increase the storage capacity of the warehouse, but will also align the intralogistics to the new requirements. In a pallet warehouse, stacker cranes can be equipped with state-of-the-art electrotechnical control systems, while the powertrain technology and lifting mechanisms will be completely renewed.

Hold onto operational technology

At first glance, it seems easier to dispose of old technical equipment and replace it with modern components. In practice, however, this usually has a major impact on ongoing processes. The implementation of new technical solutions often
requires conversions that cannot be made during operational activities. In addition, the associated training of operating personnel costs extra time and money. That is why we sometimes opt for an approach that also looks at existing systems that have proven to be effective in practice. By replacing old technology with new equipment only when it really can't be
avoided, the modernization work and associated costs are kept to a minimum.

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