The right racking for your warehouse

How are your goods stored? How high is your warehouse? The layout of your warehouse depends upon many factors. Lalesse Logistic Solutions produces custom racking for the storage of pallets, boxes and trays, or mixed cargo. 

Racking produced by Lalesse

Lalesse Logistic Solutions develops high-quality racking for your warehouse.

Pallet racking 

Universal, flexible and modular

Whatever the format of your goods, we have racking systems to suit every storage need. Single row or double depth, with or without fall protection: the modular structure of our racking means that anything is possible. Because the racking is designed and developed especially for you, you will always get a solution that is a good fit for your wishes.

Do you want to be flexible in your use of space? We offer mobile racking systems. These are great for refrigerated and freezer storage, where the costs of storage are high. As a full-service provider, Lalesse offers you the most efficient setup with the right automated handling, conveying and picking technology. 

Racking produced by Lalesse

Storage for every product

You want to organise the available space in your warehouse as efficiently as possible. We supply a wide range of custom racking to suit all your storage needs. You are thus assured of a solution that makes optimal use of the space in your warehouse. 

· Use up to 85% of your floor space with compact drive-in racking.
· Automated shuttle solutions.
· Directly to your goods with shelving storage.
· Flexible and optimised setup with mobile racking.
· Small goods stored in dynamic flow racks.
· Storage of every size in cantilever racking.

Racking as carrier for your building

Is your new warehouse being built from scratch? Do you want to use the available space as efficiently as possible and do you have the option of building high? If so, a rack clad building may be an appropriate and efficient solution. A unique and technologically advanced approach: racking that makes up part of the structure of your building. This construction method is a particularly cost-effective way of building a warehouse. You can make considerable savings in construction costs because it dispenses with the need for an expensive steel structure.

We build the optimal construction based upon all the possible loads, which include wind, snow and seismic loading. The building can be up to 40 metres high. Lalesse combines this with the right warehouse equipment so that you are assured of a complete solution that is a good fit for your commercial process. 

Example of rack clad building.