Service and maintenance

Lalesse keeps your warehouse moving

Downtime in your warehouse costs money - we are well aware of this at Lalesse Logistic Solutions. The fact that we have all knowledge within our own company means that if any unforeseen situations do arise, you can be assured that our specialists will be there for you straight away. We actively work with you and anticipate future maintenance well in advance, which prevents your machines suffering unexpected downtime. 

RLS employees installing a warehouse crane.

We make sure your warehouse works efficiently.

The service that your warehouse needs

Your warehouse solution needs maintenance. Each component of your warehouse has unique characteristics and requires specific attention. Lalesse's specialists help you get this maintenance done so that you can focus on your core business. With a maintenance contract, your warehouse solution gets regular maintenance and pro-active monitoring. This means that wear is anticipated and dealt with in good time and the risk of downtime is minimised. 

A maintenance and stand-by contract at Lalesse is always tailored to the machine usage in your warehouse. Do you have seasonal peaks? If so, your service will be adjusted to take these into account. Custom agreements are your guarantee that maintenance will be performed as efficiently as possible and you won’t pay more than you need to.

A close up of a Lalesse warehouse crane.

Our specialists are there for you

We understand that you do not have specialist knowledge about every component in your warehouse. Because your complete warehouse solution is produced and supplied by Lalesse, we have specialists available for every component. We offer all the maintenance, fault services and software support, but also analysis and optimisation. So if an unexpected problem arises that needs to be resolved quickly it will be sorted out by our team of experienced and dedicated service engineers. They won’t leave until your system is up and running again. 

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The advantages of Lalesse’s unique service contract

· An expert help desk during office hours
· 24/7 support service for software, mechanical and electrical faults
· Excellent training facilities for customers, fitters and operators
· Very competent service engineers
· An extensive stock of new and overhauled components
· Well-equipped service buses for a rapid and effective solution
· Extensive analysis of faults and log files

Service for crane.