Cold store

Automation of your cold store or freezing warehouse

Working in a cold store can pose challenges, for employees as well as for equipment and machines. Our automated solutions ensure an efficient and safe working environment down to -30 degrees Celsius.

Pieter Kieftenbelt, Grolleman

Thanks to the automated total solution with warehouse cranes, our freezing capacity has increased by 40%.

- Peter Kieftenbelt - Technical Manager at Grolleman Coldstore 

The right technology for a cold store down to -30℃

A cold store environment is characterised by its low temperature. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that materials and sensors do not freeze. Our range consists of specific technical systems that operate flawlessly under these circumstances. For instance, our warehouse cranes are able to operate in strongly fluctuating environmental conditions, even down to -30 °C. From warehouse cranes to conveyors or mobile racks. 

Coldstore Warehouse Grolleman

Proven solutions

Lalesse Logistic Solutions specialises in the realisation of cold store warehouse solutions. Our years of experience and knowledge, in combination with our high-quality technology guarantee a solution that safeguards your process.

The realisation of an automated cold store demands a specific approach. Materials can expand or contract, which makes deadlines for activating the cooling system particularly important. Maintenance in a cold store or freezing warehouse is also a specialism. Our engineers and technicians are familiar with the specific features of cold stores. You have the guarantee of a solution that works with our 24/7 service!

Your cold store specialist

  • Automated cold store and freezing warehouse down to -30℃

  • Specialist engineers with years of specialist experience

  • Proven approach and references

  • Available 24/7 for service

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